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We are the true dream chasers for the ones who believe, “the magic of jewellery is powerful”.

This is how it started;

Divya is very fascinated about jewellery and she went shop to shop to choose the best jewellery designs and patterns of jewelries to wear for her wedding. It was an herculean task to go after shops to select the best jewellery. She was sure, every passionate women would be undergoing the same situation by going shop to shop to compare patterns, designs and price. There arose a thought in her to have all the jewelleries come online, so that, clicks of button can throw various patterns, designs and price. Jumki was born with that thought of her’s. Divya’s idea behind making every women feel special and exquisite is live now.

At Jumki, we offer curated jewellery and can also customize the jewellery according to your requirement to celebrate the best moments of your life.

Our Motto is not just to provide you with the endless unique patterns and designs of handcrafted jewellery at affordable price,but we also honor your trust in shopping with us, there by taking care of our quality.

If you think, pampering your self is the best thing that you can do for yourself, then just visit to own the most fabulous jewelleries.